Dermal Fillers

For refining and rejuvenating your look, we offer JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and Sculptra® dermal fillers at Houston Dermatology Specialists in Cypress, Texas. Treatment with these products is relatively quick and can produce natural-looking improvements without the invasiveness and downtime of surgery.

Whether you are looking to enhance certain features or correct signs of aging, double board-certified Cypress dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Christopher Downing, M.D., FAAD and his team will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels that add volume below the skin. These nonsurgical treatments address a wide range of cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Lip filler (“lip injections”) for thin lips
  • Nasolabial folds (“smile lines”)
  • Marionette lines
  • Vertical lip lines (“smoker’s lines”)
  • Sunken cheeks (“cheek filler” or “nonsurgical cheek augmentation”)
  • Hollow tear troughs (“under-eye filler”)

Some types of wrinkles may be better treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic or another neuromodulator. Dr. Downing often combines these treatments to create a more comprehensive result.

Dr. Christopher Downing, board certified dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon at Houston Dermatology Specialists
Christopher Downing, M.D., FAAD

Your Partner in Skin Health

Dr. Christopher Downing is a double board-certified dermatologist and fellowship trained Mohs surgeon serving the Cypress and Houston communities. He trained for years to provide his patients the best in dermatological care. His mission for establishing Houston Dermatology Specialists was to create a practice in which delivering professional, conscientious, and personalized care for patients is the #1 priority.

Meet Dr. Downing

Which dermal filler is right for me?

Dr. Downing offers a full range of dermal filler products and will recommend the best one for you based on your anatomy and goals.


This range of fillers is formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), a hydrating substance found naturally in the body:

  • JUVÉDERM Ultra XC & Ultra Plus XC


This product family also features a versatile lineup of HA formulations:

  • Restylane
  • Restylane Defyne
  • Restylane Refyne
  • Restylane Lyft
  • Restylane Silk
  • Restylane Kysse

Within each product family, there are different formulations and different applications. Our team will help you determine which filler or combination of fillers is right for you.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra works as a collagen stimulator. Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, which boosts your body’s collagen production over time. This minimizes lines and wrinkles and provides a long-lasting, natural-looking volume boost.

What’s the best lip filler?

The “best” filler depends on your goals and the characteristics of your lips. JUVÉDERM and Restylane offer fillers tailored for the lips, using hyaluronic acid (HA) to deliver that sought-after plumpness and hydration.

JUVÉDERM Options for Lips:

  1. JUVÉDERM Ultra XC & Ultra Plus XC: Both fillers are favorites for lip augmentation, providing versatility in the level of plumpness. Ultra XC gives you a noticeable but natural enhancement, while Ultra Plus XC creates a more pronounced result.
  2. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC: If you’re looking for a subtle increase in volume and the smoothing of vertical lip lines, VOLBELLA XC is a popular choice for natural-looking enhancement that doesn’t dramatically alter lip size.

Restylane Options for Lips:

  1. Restylane Silk: Restylane Silk offers precise lip shaping and volume, ideal for a sophisticated look.
  2. Restylane Kysse: Designed with XpresHAn Technology™ for excellent movement and a natural look, Restylane Kysse enhances lip fullness, improves lip color, and adds definition to the lips’ borders while maintaining a full range of expressions.

Your provider will help you decide which product is best for achieving your personal aesthetic goals, considering factors such as the natural anatomy of your lips and the specific enhancements you desire.

Combining Treatments

Combining cosmetic treatments offers comprehensive results, addressing a variety of skin concerns simultaneously. Here are some popular procedures that pair well with dermal fillers in an overall skin rejuvenation or anti-aging program:

  • When combined with dermal fillers, BOTOX® provides a nonsurgical rejuvenation known as a “liquid facelift.” BOTOX relaxes the muscles that contribute to wrinkles, while fillers add volume and smooth out folds, allowing for a full-face refresh without the downtime of traditional surgery.
  • Microneedling significantly boosts the anti-aging effect of dermal fillers. The treatment creates microscopic channels in the skin, which increase the absorption of rejuvenating serums and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production for firmer, more youthful skin.
  • Laser skin treatments address a variety of issues, such as uneven skin texture and tone, while you enhance deeper wrinkles or contour specific areas with fillers. Laser treatments promote a smoother, more even complexion that complements the volumizing effects of fillers.
  • To further refine your skin and enhance the results of your dermal fillers, chemical peels can be an excellent addition to your skincare regimen. These peels treat various conditions, including acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

Combining these treatments provides a tailored approach to your skin concerns and results in a multi-dimensional improvement to your overall appearance.

Dermal Fillers FAQs

How much do dermal fillers cost in the Houston area?

At Houston Dermatology Specialists, dermal fillers are priced per syringe. Your total cost will vary depending on the product used and the amount injected. As part of the consultation process, we will provide you with a personalized estimate of your expected pricing.

What should I expect during my dermal filler treatment?

Our team will start with an in-depth discussion of your goals before designing your customized treatment plan. After cleansing, the product will be carefully administered by a series of injections. This usually takes just a few minutes.

Do dermal filler injections hurt?

Most people say these injections feel like small pinches. Both topical anesthesia and lidocaine contained in many filler formulations will minimize discomfort during your treatment.

What is recovery like after a dermal filler treatment?

One of the biggest advantages of dermal fillers is they involve little to no downtime. After your appointment, you will be free to resume most of your usual activities right away. It’s normal to experience some swelling, redness, and bruising around your injection sites, which should subside in about a week.

How long do dermal filler results last?

The longevity of dermal filler results varies depending on the product used and the area injected. In most cases, you can expect your results to last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

Can lip fillers be dissolved?

Yes, lip fillers made with hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which is injected to reverse the filler’s effects safely and effectively.

Is jawline contouring better with fillers or BOTOX?

Jawline contouring typically requires fillers for volume enhancement and sculpting. BOTOX may be used to relax the muscles and refine the jawline, but fillers are the primary treatment for reshaping and adding definition.

Will I look “overdone?”

Not at all. Our approach is to enhance your natural beauty subtly and conservatively, ensuring results are tailored to your facial structure and aesthetic goals. This technique prevents an “overdone” appearance.

Are dermal fillers worth it?

Many find dermal fillers worth the investment for their immediate results, ability to enhance facial features, and the boost in self-confidence that often follows. Individual satisfaction can vary, so it’s important to have a thorough consultation to set realistic expectations.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t get fillers?

Fillers aren’t recommended for patients with certain allergies, skin infections, bleeding disorders, or immune system deficiencies. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid fillers.

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