BOTOX® Cosmetic

Houston Dermatology Specialists in Cypress, TX, offers its patients treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic for the treatment of facial wrinkles.

What is BOTOX & how does it work?

BOTOX and Dysport® are injectable neuromodulators. They interrupt signals that tell specific muscles to contract, allowing those muscles to stay relaxed and eliminating the wrinkles caused by their repeated movements. With the right dosage injected in the right location, you will never appear frozen, unnatural, or “worked on.” You’ll simply look like a younger and more refreshed version of yourself.

What does BOTOX treat?

BOTOX treats many of the most common dynamic facial wrinkles, including: 

  • Horizontal forehead lines 
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes 
  • Vertical “11s” between the eyebrows 
  • Bunny lines on the nose
  • Downturned mouth

It also has several indications outside of anti-aging, such as: 

  • Relaxing overdeveloped masseter (jaw) muscles to slim the jawline and relieve symptoms of TMJ 
  • Correcting gummy smiles 
  • Creating the illusion of a fuller top lip with a “lip flip” 
  • Treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) 

Dr. Downing often recommends combining BOTOX with dermal fillers, a popular approach to restoring you to your most youthful and natural appearance.

Dr. Christopher Downing, board certified dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon at Houston Dermatology Specialists
Christopher Downing, M.D., FAAD

Your Partner in Skin Health

Dr. Christopher Downing is a double board-certified dermatologist and fellowship trained Mohs surgeon serving the Cypress and Houston communities. He trained for years to provide his patients the best in dermatological care. His mission for establishing Houston Dermatology Specialists was to create a practice in which delivering professional, conscientious, and personalized care for patients is the #1 priority.

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How much does BOTOX cost in Houston, TX?

BOTOX and other neuromodulators are priced per unit at Houston Dermatology Specialists, so costs vary depending on how many units you need. As part of your consultation, we will provide you with a personalized pricing estimate.

What is the best age to start BOTOX?

The best age to start BOTOX is whenever you begin to notice dynamic lines and wrinkles that keep you from feeling your best about the way you look. Some of the people we treat start later in life, whereas others begin preventative BOTOX as early as their 20s.

What should I expect during my BOTOX treatment?

Neuromodulator treatments take just a few minutes and involve little to no downtime, making them easy to fit into a lunch break.  

When you arrive, Dr. Downing and his team will have an in-depth discussion about your concerns and your goals for treating them. After carefully planning your treatment and cleansing your skin, you will be administered a series of quick injections. People sometimes say these feel like small pinches or bug bites.

After that, you will be free to return to work and most of your daily activities right away.

What is BOTOX recovery like?

Recovery is minimal after a BOTOX or Dysport treatment. You may notice some minor redness, swelling, or bruising around your injection sites, but this should subside within a day or two.

When will I see results after getting BOTOX & how long will they last?

Neuromodulators generally take effect within a week, with full results visible in 2 weeks. Results, on average, last about 3 to 5 months.

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To meet with Dr. Downing and his team, please request a consultation online or give us a call at (713) 487-8233. We look forward to meeting you.

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